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    Fim Lenses
    Maximize Durability and Reliability
    in Any Industrial Use
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    Fim lenes
    are used in thousands of different field,
    we have a deeper insight
    in the requirements of applications.
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    Fim Lenses
    Produce Hige Image Quality
    for High-Precision Inspection
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    Fim will not just be a lens provider,
    but a optical solution expert.
    To begin the journey here.




Excellent optical designs make the lenses have high resolution, low distortion and uniform illumination on the whole field.

Applicable environment

Rugged structures adapt them to the complex industrial environment.


Strict quality control for satisfacory consistency of performance. Product detection reaches to 100% and the inspection items include optical and mechnical ensures both.

Production management

Process managerment is congruent with the elements of IS09022


Flexible customized solutions fulfill customers'differentiated demands.


Fast delivery meets customer's requirements on efficiency.

Contact us

In order to ensure that FIM customers always have a knowledgeable person in their area. We maintain a worldwide network of subsidiaries and offices, On the other hand our distributors and partners could provide one stop service experience for you. Please feel free to contact the distributors in your area.